April 17, 2013


 Gary Roberts is an American professional artist / illustrator now living outside Zlin, Czech Republic.

 He is for the most part self-taught, but did attend the University of Miami Art School on scholarship at the age of 11 yrs., considered by his teachers as a “child prodigy” artist ahead of his time.

 He is well versed in many styles and mediums, having been a technical illustrator, airbrush artist, painter, commercial graphics artist, print graphics artist, photo realist and cartoon / comics illustrator, and sculptor / mold maker. He is completely self taught in the world of computer graphics using Photoshop and SketchPad on Wacom Cintiq graphics display tablet.

 His commercial work took him to various employment scenarios through his life, including jobs with companies involving magazine graphic production, technical illustrations, motion picture art direction and production illustration and storyboard art, cartoon illustration and comics / graphic novels. He has worked for publishers, printers, custom car manufacturers, movie producers and directors, with names like Disney, MGM, Warner Brothers to mention just a few.

 ROBERTS always has been “in” the BDSM lifestyle requiring all of his female companions throughout his life be of the Submissive / Slave nature. His taste in art and images is decidedly dominant, which influences his drawings and comics completely. He got the attention of BDSM publishers in America in the '90s with several series of unashamed bondage and BDSM art sets. He further stirred things up beginning in 2000 by opening his first independent website exclusively with his BDSM comics as content. The site was an instant huge hit and enormously profitable. Publishing deals and more websites soon followed. He lives with his girlfriend, favorite model, and slavegirl in a nice village in Czech Republic, and produces Bondage / BDSM art and comics in their private in house studio.

 He now concentrates exclusively on erotic BDSM / Bondage and sex comics and illustrations, and is published worldwide in print and online by Larry Flynt Publications in Hustler TABOO and TABOO ILLUSTRATED, and by DoFantasy of Barcelona, Spain, featured in several print graphic novels, downloadable PDF graphic novels, and in his own website at

 Roberts is available for commissions and contracts for illustrations and comics projects, and can be reached at xx xx @ xx xx

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